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of employees access work related content from outside the office

In an increasingly mobile workforce, the way we do business is changing. Sparrow enables organizations to keep connected by pushing relevant communication directly to employee mobile devices.

  • Sparrow’s easy-to-use interface pushes communication from the company intranet and other platforms to employee mobile devices
  • Communication is targeted by personalized channels to define the information most important to each user
  • Sparrow notifies users whenever relevant information becomes available with push-notifications
  • Priority articles are highlighted to ensure nobody misses an important message
  • Branded iOS and Android Apps keep employees in the know and are easily available for download on most devices

“[Implementing Sparrow at Delnor] has been a very positive experience, given that effective communication was a real pinch-point expressed by our employees. Sparrow shows that we’ve heard them and we are doing something about it.”

Chris BodnarDirector of Human Resources, Delnor ConstructionView case study

“If you want good partner engagement and high quality people to work with – go with DevFacto.”

Phil PerronManager, Pipeline Integrity Data and Records Management Enbridge Pipelines

“As a lot of our workforce spends little time at an office desk it’s always been a challenge to keep people informed through traditional means.  Sparrow provides us the opportunity to deliver information through an easy to use and engaging mobile channel.  Best of all, Finning employees will get to choose the content that is most relevant to them. We’re thrilled to be one of the first organizations using Sparrow as it changes the way we connect and share knowledge across our teams.”

Nick CuloGM Corporate Strategy, Marketing and Communications Finning (Canada)

“Sparrow is the most innovative employee communication app on the market. Not only does the app aggregate content across different internal communication platforms, it is user friendly, social media enabled and constantly collects analytics that inform strategic communication planning. For senior executives and communication professionals, Sparrow is the one app that brings everything together, while measuring engagement, awareness and understanding. Investing in Sparrow might be the best business decision you’ll ever make.”

Claire Watson
Claire WatsonABC, MC, APR vice president, strategic communication management, Cropley Communications

Of The Average Workforce Is Not Engaged

Sparrow analytics empower managers to better understand engagement by measuring communications performance from specific article consumption and reach to high-level topic awareness and more.

  • Sophisticated engagement analytics provide in-depth analysis by tracking scroll activity and determining read patterns
  • Data is delivered in real time to empower proactive communications management and ongoing improvement
  • Historical data and forecasts can advise you on how to best accomplish communications goals
  • Ensure consumption of vital updates using Sparrow’s required acknowledgement alerts
Existing system integration

Integration with your existing system

Sparrow can be integrated into a number of enterprise systems so you can leverage existing investments, stay on budget, and start communicating with your employees right away.

  • Sparrow can be used as a stand-alone publishing platform or integrated with existing systems
  • System integration allows you to use Sparrow without adding any additional workload to your communications team
  • Easy integration with SharePoint, Oracle, Dynamics, OpenText or SAP and more
  • Our Fair Billing Policy ensures that you only pay for what you use

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The Take Flight Program

The Take Flight program is designed to assist your organization in the successful implementation, roll out, and utilization of the Sparrow internal communications platform.

1) Strategy and Configuration:

Understand your communications strategy and tailor Sparrow to match it

2) Rollout:

Create a plan for the rollout of Sparrow with measurable success criteria

3) Data Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Sparrow with your current and future data sources

4) IT Integration:

Seamlessly integrate Sparrow with your IT infrastructure including IT governance and security

5) Training:

Properly and effectively train your content authors and approvers

Building Connections at Delnor Construction

The Challenge

For over 30 years, Delnor has provided professional construction services to a wide range of organizations and institutions across Alberta. Their business philosophy is to build relationships, not just buildings, but since over two-thirds of their workforce are mobile employees, Delnor needed a way to communicate with and connect to all employees.

Building Connections at Delnor Construction

The Solution

Delnor wanted a platform that was easy to implement, user-friendly, and cost-effective. Sparrow was the perfect fit: it could be integrated into their existing directory so they didn’t manually have to create accounts or do any extra backend administration work, and it is easy to send out information to all employees, from the office accountants to the foremen out on site.

Building Connections at Delnor Construction

The Outcome

Effective communication was a real issue for Delnor employees, but after implementing Sparrow, employees feel like they’ve been heard. Sparrow has helped Delnor construction drive three key organizational improvements: increasing employee awareness, promoting a sense of community, and efficient and effective information sharing.

A Measurable Formula For Connected Employees

A highly engaged workforce can be the difference between a company that outperforms its competitors and one that fails to grow. As the trend towards more mobile workplaces continues to rise, keeping your employees engaged and connected becomes a significant challenge regardless of industry.

This whitepaper explores new and measurable ways to engage employees and connect disparate teams in today’s mobile environment.


For every $10,000 in annual salary: Cost of disengaged employees - Gallup

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